Clear Aligners

For some patients, braces are not necessary for correction of tooth alignment. Instead, clear aligners can be used. These are removable trays that are shaped to guide the teeth into their proper locations. When worn, they are fully invisible.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Based on a digital scan of your dental anatomy as well as mockup of the final locations of the teeth, aligners are generated in a series, starting with the first movement needed and ending with the teeth in their perfect positions. Each aligner is shaped to move the teeth a little more until they are right where they need to be.

Aligners are worn for at least 20 hours a day and you change to the next in the series every two weeks. Treatment can last as little as six months or as long as two years.

What Are Some Advantages of Using Clear Aligners?

  • They are easier to keep clean, which means it is easier to keep your teeth healthy
  • The aligners are smooth and do not cause irritation
  • Since they put a layer between the teeth, they prevent damage from tooth grinding
  • They can be removed for easier brushing and flossing
  • With aligners, there is no need for dietary restrictions

If all of this sounds good to you, it is time to find out if clear aligners can correct your orthodontic problems. Schedule a consultation to learn more.