Damon® Clear™

Damon Smile
Damon Clear is one product within the innovative Damon Smile line. This option combines tie-less brackets and high-tech archwires with clear brackets, making the already attractive system even more aesthetic. Patients get results that are fast and precise, all while feeling great about their look during active treatment.


Damon Clear is so low-profile that many people will not realize you have braces. Additionally, the brackets are designed to resist staining and discoloration, unlike many other clear braces options.

Damon Smile

Treatment time

Results come fast with Damon Clear. The system completes treatment an average of six months faster than traditional braces, and you come into the office less often.


Because the brackets are small and have fewer parts, they are less likely to cause discomfort. Additionally, the force they exert is gentle, so the teeth are less sensitive throughout treatment.

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The difference is clear!

Damon Smile

Damon Clear

Damon Clear uses a slide mechanism to maintain archwires within the bracket, allowing them to move freely. This reduces friction and binding, so your teeth can move quickly and more comfortably.

Damon Smile

Traditional Brackets

Traditional braces use elastics, causing friction and pressure that act like parking brakes and can slow down treatment.