Emergency Care

It is unusual for a true orthodontic emergency to occur. Most situations are just small mishaps that are normal to experience. However, we want you to be prepared for both.

In Case of a Genuine Emergency

If your appliance is damaged severely, chances are it occurred during some sort of an accident and a blow to the head or other serious injury is involved. While we want to help you, it is vital that you seek treatment from a local hospital or urgent care first. Injuries to the head, neck, and face are serious and are not something we can treat. Once the proper medical professionals evaluate you and release you from their care, contact us.

For More Common Mishaps


General soreness

After your braces are placed, expect to feel soreness. This comes in two types: teeth that are sensitive to biting pressure and soft tissues that are irritated by the presence of braces. Both can be treated with saltwater rinses and over-the-counter pain relievers. For the irritation, you can also place dental wax on the bothersome area of the appliance until the irritation stops.


Loose appliance

If your appliance is poking you, place wax on the offending part.


Loose bracket

Brackets frequently come loose. If they come off completely, save the bracket and call us. Then, bring it to the appointment we schedule for you. If it is still attached, used dental wax to hold it in place and then call us.


Loose wire

Grab a clean pair of tweezers and try to get the wire back into place. If you cannot get it where it needs to be and we cannot see you the same day, you can clip the wire behind the last spot where it is attached. Be sure that if you do an at-home fix, you call us as soon as possible so we can offer a more permanent solution.


Poking wire

Using a pencil eraser, push the poking wire down or place wax on it so that it is no longer poking.