Have you ever wondered why braces have to go on the fronts of the teeth?

This might come as a surprise, but they actually don’t have to. Braces are just as effective on the backs of the teeth as they are on the fronts—if the right system is used. That is why we offer Incognito, the best lingual braces on the market.

The Basics of Incognito

These braces are custom made for every patient using state-of-the-art technology. This means that fit you perfectly and deliver incredible results. Since they sit on the tongue-side of the teeth, they are invisible to those around you.

How Incognito Works

This system may look different from other braces, but it works in the same manner. Brackets are cemented to the teeth and connected via a wire that directs the pressure exerted on the teeth. Due to this pressure, the teeth steadily move into their ideal locations.

Who Is Eligible for Incognito Treatment

Pretty much anyone who needs braces can use Incognito. We do restrict its use to patients over the age of 13 since growth can negatively impact them. They tend to be favored by adults who want to have a better smile but cannot use traditional braces due to their line of work.

Now is the perfect time to correct your smile. Schedule your Incognito consultation today.