Office Visits

We are here to give you a smile that is beautiful, healthy, and straight. The first step towards realizing this goal is having you come in for your first visit. While it is just one of many, it is incredibly important. Here is what you should expect.

It All Begins With an Initial Consultation

First appointments can feel intimidating, but we work hard to make ours as easy and friendly as possible. You get to meet the team, learn about orthodontics, and tour our office. We also give you a thorough initial exam and determine which treatment options best meet your needs. The full list of items on the agenda are as follows:

  • Meet the people who will be helping you
  • Get some information on orthodontics
  • See what the facilities look like
  • Go over dental and medical history
  • Receive a complete oral exam, with X-rays, to determine whether treatment is necessary
  • Create a customized treatment plan
  • Discuss all financial information, insurance options, and payment plans

You should also come to this appointment with all the questions you have so we can make sure you are informed and empowered when it comes to your treatment. If you are ready to discover how orthodontic treatment can change your life, schedule your initial consultation.

But What Comes After?

As soon as the initial consultation concludes, you can decide to schedule the next appointments or wait a few days to think about things. The following appointment might be for additional diagnostics, or if those were completed at the first appointment, it could be the session where we place your appliance. Placing appliances generally takes about an hour, and we work to make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

After you have your appliance, you will come into the office for adjustments, progress tracking, and maintenance every so often. How often these appointments are will be determined by the type of appliance and your needs.

Scheduling Appointments

We want orthodontic treatment to work for you, and that means working with your schedule. We offer convenient hours and give you the option to schedule all appointments well in advance. If you ever need to cancel or are running late, please let us know as soon as you can. The sooner we know, the easier it is to accommodate you.

Seeing Your Dentist

Orthodontists do not replace your regular dentist. While in treatment, you still need to schedule dental visits every six months. If we need to coordinate with your dentist on specific treatments, we are more than happy to do so.